Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Overview of Term 1 and 2 Nursery 2 Life in a glance

Mommy had Parent Teacher's Meeting on Thursday, 2 days before school holiday starts and mommy has received nice compliments about Tromson from his teacher, Mrs Padman.

At first when he was just joining the school, he was very quiet boy, he didn't want to talk with anybody. He would do his tasks on his own sweet time.
His teacher was very puzzled whether he could understand English or Bahasa or whether he could speak in English. So his teacher tried different ways and spoke different language to get him to talk.

Eventually, when he was in toilet, his teacher heard him talking with his classmates in English and from that now on, she stopped speaking in Bahasa and spoke in English with Tromson.

He then improved a lot after felt comfortable with new environment. He loved school very much and enjoyed every activity there.

Here's some pictures of his N2 life on Term 1 and 2
Credit to Mrs Padman (his Teacher)

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