Friday, 12 May 2017

Outdoor Exercise

This month we had two public holidays and we made use of the mornings with outdoor exercise.
On Labour day, we visited Bukit Timah Hill as we haven't been there for quite long.
It surprised us that it was very crowded around 9 am and the carpark was very full.
Fortunately, we got it one.
We underestimated the hills, without any warms up, we climbed up the steep hills by pushing the strollers.
We almost gave up, but we kept pushing on until reaching the first hut.

Then we continued our journey until the summit.
It was such achievement with 2 strollers and 3 kids.
After that we had brunch at the Grandstands for nice dimsum.

On Vesak day, we visited MacRitchie with Om Ferdi and Tante Friska. That morning was cloudy and drizzling, fortunately when we stepped out the car, the rain stopped and we could do our morning walk with peace and enjoying the scenery.

As usual, we had our brunch at the Grandstands after that

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