Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We had little family reunion dinner on Friday evening with iik intan at Charcoal Thai @321 Clementi
The food was so so and the service is okay. The soup was good though.

Then the next day we had lunch at bebek goreng Pak ndut and went to East Coast with our good friends Uncle Ivan's family
On the second day of Chinese New Year, we went to National Gallery with uncle Ivan's family and had dinner together at Tony Roma's after that

Then on the third day of Chinese New Year, we visited uncle Ferdinand and aunty Friska and had dinner at Chillis Sentosa with uncle Ivan's family.

Eventhough we are far from our family in Indonesia, but we are blessed with our friends family here

Xin nian kuai le 2017

Celebrating Chinese New Year in School

On Thursday before Chinese New Year Celebration holiday, Tromson celebrated first in school.
He wore party clothes and big smiles.
He came back home with lots of sweets, handmade paper basket and two oranges


Only few days after he went to school, he was infected with HFMD and end up staying at home for a week.
His appetite was not so bad eventhough his eating was a bit slow.
Fortunately he's recovered well just in time for Chinese New Year Celebration at school

Start schooling life (N2)

This year Tromson enrol to N2 at Maris Stella Kindergarten.
He was very excited from the first day of school. He went to school alone by school bus and mama and papa visited him secretly in school to see if he's settle down well there.

He seemed enjoyed very much and very excited in the morning to go to school by school bus.

Eventhough he didn't know his friends name yet but he knew his teacher Mrs Padman and assistant teacher Mrs Jessie.

All the best Tromson !