Thursday, 14 December 2017

School Holiday - Batu Adventure (2 - 9 December 2017) Part 4

On our last day at Batu, we didn't plan to go to any park. We thought that we better went back to Surabaya earlier, played in the mall and had a good rest before heading back to Singapore the next day.
But since we had a lot of time, we decided to go to Jatim Park 3, which was newly opened 2 weeks before.

And there's Dino park, we thought it's a small theme park so we decided to give it a go.
But when we saw that they had e-bike to rent out, we knew that the park was not a small one.
We rented e-bikes for 3 hours to go around the park.

At first, we were welcomed indoor museum where they had a lot of information about different dinosaur and how they were extinct, then we could ride a train where we travelled from 5 different time zones of dinosaur life.

Then we could walk around taking picture with different dinosaur and even rode the dinosaurs.
In the end, there's a small theme park for the kids to play.

It's a great park with lots of dinosaurs especially for dino's lover.

This was Tromson's favourite park, he loved to take picture of different dinosaur.

After we finished the park around 3pm, we headed back to Surabaya.
Fortunately the traffic was smooth and we reached our hotel around 5.30pm.

We had dinner at Galaxy Mall and met up our relatives Oma Erna, Oma Edith, Om Maxi and had a good rest.
The next day, we caught our flight at 10 am to Singapore.

It was a great holiday experience despite the hiccup here and there.
Thanks God everything goes well in the end.

School Holiday - Batu Adventure (2 - 9 December 2017) Part 3

As we wanted to let the kids experience nature and Batu was originally famous for the fresh fruits plantation. We decided to go to Kusuma Agrowisata.
They had a huge plantation, apple, orange, jambu, dragon fruit and had their own factory to process these fresh fruits become snacks or drinks.

We picked guava, apple and oranges and could eat them fresh from the tree as much as we can.
Tromson loved apples and orange, it's like haven for him.
After that we had welcome drink in house production and croissant as snack.

We bought some fruits chips too and it's delicious made from fresh apple sliced.

After that we went to Museum Angkut / Automobil museum where they displayed a lot of vehicles from bicycle, motorcycle, cars until aeroplanes and helicopters from time to time.
And they have different sections of different countries with their vintage vehicles.
The area was huge and we could take picture almost in every corner.

We had a great time there as if we visited those beautiful countries.

School Holiday - Batu Adventure (2 - 9 December 2017) Part 2

After spending 2 days at Surabaya, our adventure to Batu began.
We rented a car for 5 days to go to Batu. It took roughly around 2.5 hours using highway from Surabaya to Batu.
We stopped over at Taman Safari Prigen before heading over to final destination.
We arrived at Taman Safari around afternoon and the weather was not so friendly. It was drizzling and cloudy.
We managed to see animals and feed them though but we couldn't play at the small theme parks there.
Anyway, the kids had fun watching the animals closer than before.

We then headed to Villa Kambodja, Batu where was our home for 4 nights.
And we had a nice and value for money dinner at Waroeng Mbok Sri. It's Indonesian restaurant served Fried Chicken, Guramee, Fried tofu and tempe.
Both kids and adults love the food.

The next day, we planned to visit Jatim Park 1, where there were theme park and human body museum. But koko Richie suddenly was not feeling well.
So we only visited Human Body museum and had lunch at Waroeng Bamboe where the kids could feed the fishes and had afternoon rest at our villa.

While the kids were having rest, we sneaked out to go to the Onsen Hotel and Golden Tulip hotel.

In the evening, we had dinner at Omah Kitir, serving Western food.

While koko Richie, Tromson and oma Happy had early rest at Villa - Mama, papa and Ted visited 15 celcius lounge at Amartahills hotel.

On the following day, it's Oma Happy's turns that she's not feeling well.
So oma Happy chose to have a good rest at villa and the rest of us visited Jatim Park 2 which were Batu Secret Zoo.
The area was super huge and a lot of animals to see and animal theme park.
We rented e-bike for 3 hours to strolling around the area and spent total 4 hours all in

We had lunch at Pohon Inn restaurant, it's a nice restaurant and the food was nice too.

Then we headed to our villa for afternoon rest.

In the evening, mama papa, Tromson and Ted visited Batu Night Spectacular but Tromson was too tired so he slept at the stroller all the way.

It was a fruitful day though.