Friday, 9 September 2016

Diaper FREE - Oh yes (3 years old)

Wohooo this is a milestone for Tromson - diaper FREE
It's the best gift of the year from Tromson that he's free from diaper day and night.
It took around 6 months on and off to train him to pee and poo in the toilet.
This time round, instead of using training pants, mommy's using diapers but always remind him every hour to pee in the toilet
Sometimes he remembers, sometimes he forgets, until one day his diaper is dry and he himself goes to the toilet to pee
And it's the same for night time, when his diaper is dry, I know that he's ready to take off the diaper forever

The challenge come when he wants to poo.
He has the habit to hide in the store room for poo, eventhough I have brainwashed him to poo in the toilet like koko but between the brain and the habit, they don't synchronise

Until one day, he said he wanted to poo and I ask him to poo in the toilet.
Voila, he made it for the first time and felt proud to break the habit and now it's easy peasy
wherever we go, when he wants to pee or poo, he will tell us and do it in the toilet

Well done Tromson, so proud of you !