Friday, 15 April 2016

Singing alphabet songs for the first time

Tromson is a man without words :P as since he prefers to do some actions instead of talking
So this is another milestone for him that he is willingly singing Alphabet songs

Gentleman boy

Eventhough Tromson's still 2.5 years old and doesn't like to talk so much but his action speaks louder.
I would say, he's a gentleman by nature. There are many occasions that he shows his gentleness in action, here's some occasions that I remember and touch my heart

When mommy was choosing shoes at shop, the shopkeeper aunty plays around with baby Ted in standing position, seeing this, he without hesitant takes the chair, carries it and places it in front of Ted's stroller and asks her to sit there, everyone was stunned seeing him doing such thing

Then second occasion, when mommy brings baby Ted for vaccination, he comes with me too and during the jab, Ted was crying loud. Seeing his little brother crying helpless, he doesn't say any words but just hugs his little brother and kisses his forehead as since saying that everything is gonna be alright.
When I see this, I can't help to have watery eyes holding my tears

I don't know where he learns this from but he's such a wonderful boy

Really proud of you Tromson, keep it up !

Mom's 34th Birthday

We celebrate Mom's 34th Birthday this year in the intimate and simple way.
We had dinner together at Sushi Express since mommy's craving for salmon sashimi