Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Learning numbers with koko Richie

This is one of best moments when Tromson and koko Richie had good time and enjoyed each other

Breakthrough from IPAD addiction

Tromson has mild addiction of Ipad, blame it on mama who gives ipad to watch during meal times and it was getting worse. He ate very slowly and when mama or papa took the ipad away, he will be very angry and didn't want to eat.
So last week, I wanted to break the addiction.
It's not easy, he didn't want to eat and even I disciplined him to stay in the kitchen, he still took his stand.
After 3 days, all this effort is starting to be fruitful. When he saw the ipad, he will say Ipad abis meaning no more battery and he eats very well
Phew...finally...he could breakthrough from the Ipad addiction

Well done boy !

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Terrible Two ....

This few days, he has grown up to be an authority boy. He likes to push the limit and boundary and also throws tantrums if we don't give in to him.
We have hard time with him..
Sometimes, mommy wonders is it my fault not to give him enough attention therefore he does that to draw our attention.

In this season of Lent, mommy will give more attention to Tromson and hopefully it will change him to be a good and well behave boy again

Love you son !

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

We spent this chinese new year in Singapore. We had intimate reunion dinner at Nasi Padang Sari Ratu then over the long weekend, we visited USS and some malls for meals

Counting 1 - 10

Kids are amazing, when they are ready, they will show their abilities without any force or pushing required.
One fine day, when mommy wanted to read a number book with Tromson, he suddenly amazed mommy with his recognition of numbers and pictures
Great job Tromson ! keep it up