Tuesday, 27 October 2015

B is for Bee

This second week activity about learning and recognizing alphabet B is for BEE

The activities :
- Tracing B with stickers
- Tracing b with buttons
- counting bees around the flower
- Bee puzzle
- Transfer pom2 to honeycomb
- Matching alphabet
- matching numbers
- Making Beehive from bubble wrap
- Color beehive
- Tic Tac Toe games

Monday, 19 October 2015

Oma Happy's Birthday (14 Oct 2015)

It's such a rare occasion celebrating oma Happy's birthday together. Usually we just greet oma via phone.
It's a simple and warm celebration with our little family.
Happy Birthday Oma Happy, may God bless you with good health, long life and prosperity

A is for Apple

The weekly activities for A is for Apple :
- reading alphabet book
- apple sorting
- tracing A with stickers
- Apple Mosaic
- Apple stamping
- tracing A with dot a dot marker
- Counting apple seeds
- apple alphabet in the tree
- Transfer apple pom2 with tong
- making apple tree from tissue roll

A treasure hunt

picking up apple pom2

Alphabet apple in the tree

tracing a lower case with dot a dot marker

making apple playdough to decorate the tree

creating apple tree effect from dot a dot marker

Homeschooling start again (2 years 3 mos)

After holiday for few months, now mommy starts homeschooling again with Tromson.
Since he has reached 2 years plus, mommy introduces alphabet theme every week.
There's no pressure how he picks up, it's just for learning through playing
It takes only 30 - 45 minutes for this structured play and he loves it

This is the list for the theme
A is for Apple
B is for Bee
C is for Cake and Candy
D is for Donut and Duck
E is for Egg
F is for Flower
G is for Grape
H is for House
I is for Ice cream
J is for Jelly