Thursday, 24 September 2015

First time hair cut at EC house (23 Sep 2015)

Since it has been 3 months from last time he has hair cut, mommy brought him and koko Richie to EC house for having hair cut
As expected, he's no fuss in sitting down and let the hairdresser cuts his hair
But when the hair strands started to fell down, he felt not so comfortable but luckily he managed to stay calm until the end

Good job Tromson !

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Toilet Training trial (25 mos) - 15 Sep 2015

Today, we start toilet training for Tromson. I bought training pants from Mothercare that I have used before for koko Richie.
The first morning is going well, when I ask him to pee, he will pee in the toilet
but after lunch, it's too late, he poop and pee in the pants :P

Then, during nap time, I give him diapers instead. After dinner, I plan to ask him to pee after washing the dishes but it's too late, he already pee in the pants :P

Never mind, we try again tomorrow !

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My little Parrot (25 months)

It was like miracle over night. Before 2 years old, mommy was very worried when Tromson didn't want to copy what we said and mommy kept praying every day even did novena so his language development grew well.

But when the time is right and his brain is ready, it's like a miracle.
Suddenly after he's turning 2 years old, he starts copying whatever we say and even he can say 2 words if he wants something.
He even can sing some nursery rhymes even though the pronunciation is still not clear enough.
We are so amazed with his fast development.

His favorite songs :
The wheel on the bus, twinkle twinkle little star, row row your boat, old mcdonald have a far, ABC songs

He can say : mau main, udah abis, bus, car, air (airplane), truck, train

He has interest in learning alphabets and counting therefore mommy borrows alphabet and numeral books from library

He even knows some colors when mommy asks him to match the color, he can do it

Well done Tromson ! Keep it up !