Thursday, 28 May 2015

All about me !

This week topic is very interesting. It's all about me
We learn the face part, face expression and emotions and later will be body part
Tromson is so excited, he can now point where's the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheek, chin, toes, head, knees, arm

And he loves the song from elmo's body part song


Monday, 25 May 2015

short gateway to Batam (23-24 May 2015)

Last weekend, we went to Batam again exactly one year after our last visit.
This time round we had an house warming and house blessing invitation from uncle Andi and aunty Vinny and we stayed over at Turi Beach Resort
It was raining the whole morning and afternoon and mama was a bit worry if we end up stay at the room only.
But God is good, after we finished our lunch and returned back to our resort. The rain stopped and it was perfect cooling weather.
We spent the afternoon exploring the resort, swimming and having nice dinner

The next morning, we had hearty breakfast and returned back to Singapore late morning to avoid the crowds

It was nice short gateway and everybody enjoyed


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Row row your boat - week 4

This is the last transportation theme for a month : BOAT
We start the routine with
1. reading book about boat
2. singing row row your boat
3. flashcard 4 sight words
4. shape making boat puzzle
5. art craft painting the boat and making wavy effect from sponge ball
6. water play - splashing - waving - sinking and floating from sponge boat


Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day (10 May 2015)

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day at Swensens.
Thank you Tromson for making me to become a mother


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

DIY Quiet books idea

Mommy made this quiet book to entertain Tromson in the church. He gets bored with stickers already so I thought it will be another good idea for him to keep still in church.
I made 2 sets of books with nursery rhymes as the theme.
Since I can't sew, I used printer and laminator and Velcro

Here's the preview of the books

Set A

Set B


All about airplane - week 3

The routine

1. Reading the book about airplane and things that go
2. Sing a song "I'm a little airplane"
3. 4 sights words flashcard
4. Puzzle airplane body
5. Coloring airplane
6. Art Craft : making airplane from ice cream stick and cloth pins
7. lego blocks : airplane and airport

Happy 21 months old