Tuesday, 28 April 2015

groove in the car

what a precious moment shared together between koko Richie and Tromson in the car

Life is Good

Monday, 27 April 2015

All about bus - week 2

The second week we move to BUS theme.
He can say bus but only the sound ssss hahaha....

The routine is more or less similar with the car
1. Read the book : the wheel on the bus and things that go
2. Sing a song with movement : the wheel on the bus
3. Flashcard : 4 sight words (still not interested)
4. Matching the buses
5. Bus puzzle : find the wheels and windows
6. Art craft : making bus from the used box and bottle caps
7. Field trip to Bus interchange and bus



All about Cars - week 1

We start the routine with reading books about cars and things that go, we borrow them from library
Then, we have sing a song "I see cars" with are you sleeping tune.
He loves both activities.

After that, we have flashcard 4 sight words. Well he doesn't really interested in the flashcard though. He prefers to clean it up and gives it to me hehehe....
Then another activity which is yellow car what do you see, learns about color and he also doesn't seem interested in this.

Ok, so we make it fast and move to words puzzle that I make using Velcro fasterner and he loves it.
Last but not least, art craft making racing car from tissue roll and bottle caps









Transportation theme for a month

I decide to make the homeschooling more organized so I ask help from aunty Linda who runs preschool at Jakarta. I ask for sample of lesson schedule then I modify accordingly.

This one month, the theme will be transportation.
Starts with car (week 1), bus (week 2), airplane (week 3) and boat (week 4).

Week 1 : Car

week 2 : bus

week 3 : airplane

week 4 : boat 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Learning to speak

Some of his words eventhough it's not so clear but he puts efforts to say it
Apple, banana, papaya, bus, car, star, koko, train

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Egg Craft - Painted jumbo egg

And this is the second easter egg craft, he painted using multi color to jumbo egg paper

Easter Egg Craft - From Egg to Chick

As this week is still easter week, mommy had an idea to make this craft from egg to chick.
His job is basically decorating the egg with stickers and mommy did the rest

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter 2015

During the holy week, we skipped Maundy Thursday 'cos Tromson was not feeling well due to stomach flu.
We attended Good Friday Mass and  Easter Sunday Mass.

As he started terrible two phase, it's not easy to bring him to church.
Half of the mass, papa will bring him in the back so he can use up his energy to run instead of screaming.
We just embrace "this moment" cos we believe it will over soon when he's ready.

There's beautiful message during Good Friday Mass from Fr. Richard Ambrose.

The passion of the Christ is the only event in the gospel where all unbelievers, sinners and faithful ones gathered together and witnessed Jesus died on the cross.
Three prayers or important messages before He died :
1. Forgive them, 'cos they didn't know what they were doing.
The first prayer meant for unbelievers

2. Today, you shall join me in Paradise
The second prayer meant for the sinners who turned back to God

3. Mother, this is your son. Son, this is your mother.
The third prayer meant for faithful and believers.

From those prayers, we know that His ultimate purpose to come to the world is to save all of us especially the unbelievers and sinners and He died on the cross to replace us from eternal punishment.

On Easter Sunday, we attended morning mass because koko had soccer class after that. In the afternoon, we went to Sentosa for egg hunt. We had so much fun there 'cos it's free and not so crowded

Happy Easter ! God is risen from the dead and has saved us from eternal punishment

Stomach Flu

Last week, Tromson was down with stomach flu. Out of sudden, he fell sick on Tuesday evening. He had no appetite and threw up at night and he had high fever too.
The next day, he was so lethargic, no appetite at all and threw up the milk.
He felt better on Friday, when he showed some appetites and no more vomiting. I thought it was over but the diarrhoea came after dinner.

He ate fish soup and right after meal, he passed the loose stools until his diaper couldn't hold it.
Fortunately, he still had appetite, so he survived on biscuits and snacks.
The night sleep became nightmare, 'cos he's very hungry since I didn't give him milk yet until he recovered well.

On Sunday, thanks God, he's doing very well. I gave him milk and no more vomit and diarrhoea. His appetite was also back.
Today, his stools are also back to normal.

Thanks God for your easter blessings

Happy 20 months