Monday, 23 February 2015

Stamping and simple craft (24 Feb 2015)

Homeschool is back again after CNY holiday.
Today we are still learning about orange color and the activities are stamping using tissue cardboard roll making oranges and simple craft using his hand fingers for pattern



Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Ushering the year of sheep

Yesterday was Reunion Dinner, since it's ash Wednesday too, we just had humbly dinner at home with meatless meal.
Today, we ushering new year with mass at church.
Father Peter gave us beautiful message, would you like to be a sheep who draws himself steadily closer to God or would you like to be a goat who draws further from the cross and busy with his own worries. The choice is yours

And we had family lunch at Ayam Malioboro



Tromson New Hairstyle for Chinese New Year

Monday, 16 February 2015

Breastfeeding weaning breakthrough (18.5 mos)

Phewww finally, mommy has decided that this is the right time for him to learn self soothe without breast.
So starting over the weekend, Tromson slept with papa and it's difficult for him to settle down and he woke up several times at night.
But miracle happened last night, after family praying, I put the holy water to tromson forehead and pray so that Mother Mary protects him from nightmare and keeps an eye on him so he can sleep through till morning.

Then I also told him please don't look for mommy, let your papa sleep peacefully also
Mommy was so worried that he still wakes up several times and disturb papa's sleep because papa needs to work in the morning

Praise God, at 5.30am, papa came to koko's room where mommy slept over there and woke mommy up to accompany Tromson since papa needed to bath and went to church afterwards
And when mommy asked papa how's last night. Papa said it's good, he basically didn't really wake up, he just open his eyes to check whether anyone accompanied him

The night after, he cried for almost 15 minutes around 1am and papa has been trying to calm him down by carrying around or cuddling but it didn't work. So papa let him cry until he's tired

On the day during the nap, he cried for almost half an hour before finally settling down by himself
It took 1 hour for him to settle down without any pacifying effort

Keep it up Tromson ! I know you can do it !

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Introducing orange color

This week, mommy introduces him orange color.
Still, mommy has no expectation for him to remember all colors but mommy believe his brain is absorbing everything.
Since, Chinese new year is coming soon, mommy got idea to let him play with oranges

He can touch, sort big and small, stack like snowman and even throw like a ball
And mommy provides sensory box with all orange color items and he loves to stamp on his own body hahaha


One fine sunday afternoon (15 feb 2015)

Yesterday afternoon we went to Garden by the bay for some walks
The kids played at children's playground for awhile then we strolled down the river before heading to vivocity for dinner
Then before we went back home, Tromson and koko Richie played car ride and it's first time for him driving alone

We had a great time together yesterday since the weather was also nice and cooling


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day celebration at home

Today we are still learning about red color and since tomorrow is valentine's day, we are doing rose stamping from siobakcye stem
At first, he just observes but after that he can't wait his fingers to get dirty hehe


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Atlet wannabe Yay or nay ?

Today, since mommy hasn't bought any painting yet, mommy decided free play for Tromson at playground.

He almost get bored in playground 'cos he had done small and big playsets and no more challenges for him wkwkwk
So when I asked him to go home, he obeyed without any fuss

And this is another video how he climbed up to bay window in just few seconds wkwkwk


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Western style for his meal

Since mommy is getting bored cooking Asian food, here's some twists for his meal.
Ta da.... Western style and he loves it

baked salmon with steamed vegies and mashed potato

cream of mushroom soup with pasta

galantine with mashed potato and steamed vegies

Introducing Red color (week 1)

This week mommy introduces him to red color, mommy gives him color flashcard and read a color book then let him play with sensory red box with all red items.
After that there's an activity to support it

play with playdough

making heart collage

Learning puzzle

Now, after mastering shape sorter, mommy gives him new challenge which is puzzle.
And mommy has this puzzle starts from 2 pieces to 7 pieces for beginner.
He can do 2 and 3 pieces now

Keep it up boy !

Silly action by him

He loves to be in the camera and he can act silly in front of camera


Shape sorter progress

Yeahhh finally he can do shape sorter and recognize most of the shapes and even he has the concept of square-rectangle, triangle, cycle.
Well done boy !

Stacking activity

Besides insert straw in and out, he loves stacking activity. And here's the picture of him stacking the blocks on the train and how he plays with wooden train


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Whisk whisk ....

Mommy got this idea from one of instagram. Whisking the bottle caps with the whisk.
It seems fun and I let him try. Hopefully he enjoys it !
This is very simple and no cost involve

Learning Color props

This next upcoming weeks, mommy wants to introduce him about basic color : red, orange, yellow, green and blue.
I reckon he recognizes red color but we will see with this activities adopted from Brown Bear book : Brown bear what color do you see ?

Mommy has prepared these treasure sensory box according to its color. With the help of two borrowed books from library and color flashcard hopefully it can make the learning more fun.

Mommy has no expectation for him to recognize color instantly, it will be a bonus if he can otherwise it's just for introduction and let his brain absorb every info, digest it and when he's ready, I believe he will be able to recognize all the color

What keep him busy @ Church

Tromson is the little explorer, he doesn't care time and place as long as he can explore the surrounding. And it's in church, it's like "must" to stay still and not disturbing others therefore mommy's creating this "sticker book" from sketch book and bringing this transportation stickers to keep him stay in his chair during the mass.
Well, at least it can keep him busy for 20 minutes


Good Morning ritual

After waking up from the nap, he usually goes to papa's study room and opens the wardrobe and plays with the key to open the drawer


Friday, 6 February 2015

Threading and tracing

This two days activities are still around threading and tracing.

1. Inserting straws into tumbler hole
He can do it easily because the hole is bigger than the straw.


2. After sometimes, since he manages it well, he uses his imagination to make drum and sticks using the tumbler and straw and pretends to play it

3. This is more advance, threading pipe cleaner to small beads
He manages to do it into 1 bead and repeat the process