Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lovely day at zoo

We have been going to the zoo fourth times especially on weekends.
We love to go there, observing animals behaviour, watching show and even just strolling

Fighting and forgiving

They are fight but they forgive one another after that.
The beauty of  children's heart



Laughing till drop

When they are laughing, it makes my day


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Separation Anxiety getting intense

Tromson's separation anxiety getting intense when he's turning 14 months.
He will follow mommy wherever mommy's going and won't let mommy go once he got mommy's leg
And when mommy's taking shower he will wait outside the door with tears

I don't know when it will last and I don't think I can wean him off from breastmilk anytime soon


First song : twinkle little star

Tromson loves this nursery song : twinkle twinkle lil star
He tries to complete the last words


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Introduction to mega blocks

He learns about mega blocks by dissambling than building
So mommy stacking the blocks and he dismantling all
Good team work, isn't it

In and out activity

This is trom's fun activity in the day after his aft nap
- Shape sorter
- Inserting coins
- Feeding hippo
These stimulating his fine motor skills, hands eyes coordination and concentration

Small baby talk

14 Mos tromson is mimicking having conversation with daddy at nighr
Enjoy the video

Monday, 6 October 2014

Car Kiddy Ride

He's enjoying kiddy ride more and more, he loves to play with stirring wheel and when it moves of course by inserting the coin, he's so brave and enjoying the ride


a Day at the zoo ( 6 oct 2014)

This is the first trip for Tromson to the zoo.
He wasn't really interested in animals performance yet but he loved to observe how the animals move and the tram
Since we bought annual membership, we will be going to the zoo pretty often to maximise the benefits

Happy 14 months old

We had MMRV vaccination exactly on his 14th month b'day and development assesment.
His weight and length are still above average which is 75 percentiles and he's so brave during the jab
He never cries
Well done baby !