Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Engagement - Birthday - Wedding Celebration @ Jakarta

We had full events on Jakarta, we attended Om Reynard and Aunty Irene engagement, Tante Fanie and om Wiwie Wedding and Opa's and koko Richie's birthday celebration

What a joyous occassions !

Short Gateway to Jakarta (25 - 29 Sep 2014)

This is the first time for Tromson going to Jakarta.
He behaved well so far during the flight journey but not so good in appetite.
He didn't want to eat outside food and prefer homecooked. And it goes the same with milk.
When mommy gave him UHT milk, he didn't like it, the taste is too sweet and less creamy

Thanks God, he's not sick :)
We stayed at Peninsula hotel for 3 nights and opa's house for last night

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Noodle lover

Oh my, Thanks God for this past few days. Tromson's appetite is extremely good.
He can finish 3/4 full of bowl and he loves noodle so much...
I reduce breakfast and tea time portion so he's hungry and eats lot portion on lunch and dinner.

Phew...hopefully it lasts very long :)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Second self published book : Fruits and Vegetables

This is mommy's second self published book, dedicated to Tromson and koko Richie.
This time round is about Fruits and vegetables.

They will learn about
- fruits size
- fruits color
- fruits that have seeds and seedless
- fruits portion
- fruits texture
- vegies color
- vegies shape

Kiss Bye and Washing hands

New baby sign language for him.
When I ask him kiss kiss, then he will do kiss bye and when I ask him washing hand, he will pretend to wash his hand

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Haps haps the food is finished

These two days tromson could finish his meals lunch and dinner
Mommy is so happy hopefully it's last long

Laughing time

When mommy asked koko to mind tromson while I've had shower, I heard tromson laugh uncontrollably and this was what I saw

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Drinking from straw (17 sep 2014)

Exactly 13.5 mos tromson finally can drink from the straw
This afternoon, mommy gives him straw cup, at first he just bites and plays with it so mommy gives him an example and asks him to copy.
He copies and did it
He's so happy and so does mommy
Proud of you son !

Friday, 12 September 2014

His favorite TV shows

These are his favorite TV shows

1. Barney
2. Elmo
3. Hi5

He can watch it continouesly for long period of time.
Of course mommy only let him watch during meal time or when mommy needs to do household chores to keep him still

Waffle & smoothies

Ok here's an update of his feeding.
His appetite is okay but his portion remains the same only 5 spoonful when he's in the good mood
One thing that he likes for sure which is his comfort food is waffle. He can finish the whole waffle all by himself

He starts on fruit strike so to fulfill his needs for vitamins and minerals, mommy makes mix juice everyday without fail and in the afternoon mommy makes fruit smooties (fruits and milk)

His daily schedule

9am Breakfast ( 100cc fresh milk mix plain and choco, 150cc mix juice, a bit of bread or cereal)
11am lunch ( rice with vegies and/or meat )
12pm nap (breastmilk)
3pm tea break (100cc fruit smooties or 1 tub yoghurt or half bowl beancurd)
5pm nap (breastmilk ) if he's nap
6.30pm dinner (rice with vegies and/or meat)
8.00pm (100cc fresh milk) if his dinner appetite is not so good

Ear Infections

After having been on and off from common cold : runny nose and coughing, Tromson was down with ear infection last Tuesday.
The night before that he was restless and cranky, he couldn't sleep well at night and had high fever
Fortunately we brought him to the doctor the next day and since Dr. Ratna was on leave, we were attended by Dr. Nancy Tan

And she diagnosed Tromson with ear infections due to the long period of flu.
There's no other option than taking antibiotic. So this is the first time for Tromson eating Antibiotic augmentine and she gave him probiotic too to prevent diarrhoea

Thanks God after eating one dose antibiotic, the fever was subsided and he could sleep well and those runny nose was gone

We will see doctor again this coming Tuesday to make sure everything is alright and back to normal

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2014

This year is the second year of Mid-Autumn Festival that Tromson has gone.
We visited Garden by The Bay and took some pictures of places in the world
Mid Autumn Festival is not completed without moon cake. So here's our tea break, moon cake and paired with TWG tea

One fine day @playground


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Introducing fresh milk

Finally after a long wait, mommy decides to slowly introduce fresh milk to Tromson.
At first, he rejects the plain one, then he's ok with chocolate one but mommy found it too sweet. So mommy mixes up the white one 75% and choco 25 %
Mommy bought MEIJI brand.

Today, he can finish around 210cc in total (70cc each on morning, afternoon and night) he drinks some with sippy cup and the rest spoon feeding.
As long as he doesn't reject, mommy doesn't mind spoonfeed him until he can use straw

Moms Night Out Movie

Yesterday, papa rent this movie from itunes titled Moms Night Out
And absolutely mommy can relate with the movie, the moms hehe...cos it happens to mommy too.

It's about mother who wants to strive for perfection and full control of situation and end up exhausted even her night out which supposed to be unplug and great turns out haywire

In the end, it has beautiful message that we are created inperfect and this is why God uses us
Sometimes we can't take full charge of everything and let God do the rest


Mommy's first self published book : My Family

Mommy is satisfied with first self published toddler book. The first title is My Family.

It's all about close family members since we stay far away from our relatives, it's nice to show tromson and koko Richie our close family members
In the end of the book, mommy pops up some question just for fun

Turns out that both are enjoying the book especially koko Richie since he can read already, he read the book to Tromson before good night sleep

Can't wait for my second book !...Stay tuned !