Sunday, 31 August 2014

Copy cat

Today lunch we went to west mall food court cos koko richie is craving for yong tau fu mee
Mommy gives tromson a try
And he loves the noodle and yong tau fu

Perhaps what i' m missing this whole saga is he wants to eat together with koko
Same food, same time and using adult plate and cutlery

When his koko eats fruits watermelon and papaya, he too follows the suit

So starting tmr, mommy will place him sitting together with koko, same food, same time and same type of utensils
Hope this trick works

Thank you daddy :)

This is a special note for daddy Davin
After mommy has a good talk with daddy, he gives me some assurance during tromson's food strike

- This is just another phase which will be ended soon or later
- do not worry if he has enough nutritions or not cos his body knows best
- Let the nature takes its course, if he just wants breastmilk, it means his body needs that and enough with other things
- Do not discourage cos it happens to every kid
- Lower down the expectation and the meal portion

After talking with daddy who uses his logic than emotional, mommy feels ease and has no expectation to him

Yesterday during cell group, he tries meat ball pasta, siomay bandung with peanut sauce. And he likes them
Eventhough he has small portions but mommy is so happy to seem him eating

Thank you so much daddy !

Friday, 29 August 2014

Learning to stand without holding

He's now progressing his gross motoric to stand without holding
He is practicing self balance almost every day
Hopefully he can stand alone and walk soon

Everyday is like a torture for mommy

Yes, mommy broke down almost everynight
The least thing that mommy could do in the end of the day is crying in the toilet
It's like a torture everyday watching him without or very little food go into his tummy

Everytime the meals time comes it's like agony
Seeing him tasting one or two spoons really break my heart

Mommy has tried and used all the means, different varieties of food, different methods but none work
He's just goes on food strike
Last time he still loves fruits and yoghurt, now all food are just tasting items for him
The only thing he likes only breastmilk

Oh God when this is all over
This is the lowest period of my motherhood when I  can't help him to eat more
I really feel helpless, speechless, frustrated and guilty
This is the period that i'm not looking forward facing the next day

My ego would tell me to stop breastfeeding and makes him starving
But will it work or will it turn to be worse?

Oh God and mother Mary please help me to understand him and give me strength and positive mindset to go through this period.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Straw in and out

 A little twist of open and close bottle lid.
This time mommy covers the bottle with paper and poke big and small holes
This keeps him busy to put the straw in

Gross motoric training

Eventhough Tromson is not walking yet, his gross motoric skill improves and getting there soon.
Here's the training from crawling - climbing - cruising and getting down

Sensory play bottles : visual and sound

This is mommy's second project for sensory play
Today mommy made sensory play bottles stimulating visual and sound sensory
Mommy used recycled materials around the house and some left over art and crafts

1. Little shaker
Stimulating sound which is supposed to be the loudest among all
Contains : pony beads, bells, marbles, water and coloring and glitters

2. Sink and float
Stimulating visual to know which items are floating and which items are sinking
Contains : marbles, straws, water

3. Colorful world
Stimulating visual with different colors
Contains : gems, pipe cleaner, goggly eyes, water and glitters

4. Little ocean
Stimulating visual with small object inside
Contains : small items, glitters and water

Monday, 25 August 2014

Shape sorter Improvement

He's now able to put in those round shapes with no or little edges like circle, elipse, half circle and crescent. Of course Mommy still helps him by directing the shapes to the same holes

Good job baby ! keep it up !

Open and close bottle lid

 This activity keeps him busy for around half an hour. He tries to open and close the bottle lid.
Practice makes perfect

Poor baby

 My poor baby after being on off getting sick, he's now down with high fever.
Hopefully it's nothing serious and he can recover soon.
Get well soon baby !

Thursday, 21 August 2014

His appetite is back...

Good news, this two weeks have passed successfully, eventhough his meal portion is not much but he eats at home by watching TV
This is his schedule

8.30am Breakfast : Mix fruit juice +/ toast bread
10.30am Lunch : rice with soup
11.30am Nap time : Breastmilk
15.00  Snack time : fruits with yoghurt, cheese cubes
17.00 Nap time : breastmilk
18.30 Dinner time : rice with soup
21.30 Good night sleep : breastmilk

Practicing self feeding

He wants to have self control so this is the way to train him for self feeding without mess.
Playing pretence with empty cup and spoon. Next will be with cereals

playtime after dinner

My first texture book

After having been ages not making art and craft for kids, here I go again.
This is my first project for Tromson Sensory play : Touch me
The idea I got it from Toddler Approved facebook page.
The materials are from recycled materials around the house
He loves it and what surprise me he likes rough, wavy and scratcy texture





Crab Crawling baby

At first, it didn't bother mommy and mommy hasn't really give some attention of how he crawls until mommy asked mommy's personal trainer who's also physiotheraphy whether it's normal for baby having asymmetrical crawling
She said it's not normal though but it's not serious, it can be fixed just in case there's something wrong with hip bone or tight muscles and she advised me to ask pediatrician for confirming.

Then, mommy searched the answers in the internet, there are a lot of info regarding this. Some lead to cerebal pasy and autism. Some said that it's normal, they are different style of crawling as long as it showed new positive development in his gross motoric skill then it should be alright

So, mommy has peace of mind for now, 'cos everything looks normal for him when he stands, he put the body weight to both legs too.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

In build character

Tromson's character is different from koko therefore we treat him differently too.
He's slow in initiative, meaning that we need to push and stimulate him to keep him going
but once he's on the ball, he will perservere by keeping learning and practicting until he masters the skills

Food restocking time

This week his appetite has been good, he always finished the food and fruit mommy gave
Pheww hopefully it lasts long
Mommy cooked for him this week
1. Spinach soup with wintermelon
2. Beef ball soup
3. Tofu and beef ball soup with wintermelon
4. pork sausage

Four essentials toys for him to learn

At 1 year old, mommy only gives him four essential toys for him to master

1. Hammering activity

To stimulate hand eye coordination, currently he's able to knock some nails eventhough it's not perfect yet
2. Shape sorter

To stimulate fine motoric skill, hand eye coordination and learning about shapes
Currently he's mastering the circle shape and still learning other shapes
3. Push walker
To stimulate gross motoric skill to walk
He's only able to walk 2 steps with the walker since mommy just gives him try today
4. Cutting the fruits

To stimulate fine motoric skill and hand eye coordination
He's still exploring open and close the fruits and know the function of knife but still learning and practicing how to do it right

Late post : going down from the bed

It's kinda late post cos mommy always forgets to write about this
After few days instruction, tromson is now expert in going down from the bed
He slides down using his leg first
Well done boy !

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Playdate at children's garden

Yesterday we are welcoming mommy and daddy's friends aunty yulia and uncle thomas back to singapore for holiday
We had playdate at children's garden and tromson was so excited to play in the playground

7 to 8 teeth

His incisors teeth are all almost out
His feeding is still unpredictable, he only likes to eat toast bread and waffle
He spits out rice but ok with pasta
Hope this phase passes soon and his appetite is back and can eat anything

Nursery songs he loves

Here's some nursery songs he loves, when mommy starts singing he will try to follow it by clapping or rolling his hands

1. The wheel on the bus
2. If you happy and you know it
3. One and one two
4. Pok ame2

Happy 49th birthday singapore

Swimming lesson is back (9 aug 2014)

After a month break, we continue swimming lesson again