Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chinese garden outing

It's a latepost
We visited chinese garden few days ago with oma happy, opa tjwan, oma ani and opa jerry
We visited live turtle museum and feed the turtles there

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

6 teeth...

Close to one year old, his teeth are now 6
He eats table food with rice. No more porridge and puree...

Tromson's 1st Birthday Planning

Tromson is turning ONE soon on August 3rd. Mommy has prepared his birthday since 4 months ago.
The theme : Happy kid with balloons
Color theme : rainbow
Here's some sneak peeks of his birthday bash

invitation card

vision paper, birthday card, the chronicles of Tromson, goodie bags


goodie bags


Picnic Day on Hari Raya (28 July 2014)

This year hari raya is special because both grandparents come to Singapore and we have a new addition in our big family, Aunty Irene
We went to West Coast Park in the morning and had picnic.
Both grandfathers were busy with flying the kite, all boys ( papa, uncle reynard, uncle evan and koko Richie ) were playing frisbee and the rest just relaxing and enjoyed the scenery

It was a bliss that we can gather around

Development of Baby Sign Language

Tromson has mastered some baby sign language
- Bye bye
- clap hand
- kiss bye
- hallo
- shake hand
- hi-5
- own name

Well done boy !

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Knowing his own name

When mommy asks him where is tromson
He can tap his chest to show here I am hehe

Eating rice

Now he's officially eating rice and table food
Mommy gives up giving him baby food, mommy starts giving him a little bit salt and pepper on his food

New eating style

After recovering from his common cold, his appetite is back but with new style, he prefers to eat in the mall
So here's his eating schedule

Breakfast in the park : mix fruits juice and toast
Brunch : breastmilk
Lunch : rice/pasta with soupy
Tea time : breastmilk
Dinner : rice/pasta with soupy

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pre-Birthday Pictures


Miracle happens when you believe :)

After some sleepless night, finally mommy can catch some good sleeps
Mommy wants to share this testimony.
We had weekly family prayer as usual yesterday then after praying for Tromson and koko Richie's health, mommy was reminded of holy water from Lourdes therefore mommy put the cross sign to Tromson forehead, nose and throat and said a little prayer.

During the night, mommy could see much improvements from the night before. Even though mommy need to carry him here and there but it's only a while and he could sleep well until 9am.

After waking up, his nose was flooded with mucus hehe but mommy could see how much better he is today.
He can nap well in the afternoon with only fan and he's starting to eat food again eventhough it's still small portion.

Mommy believes in the miracle. What it has done to koko Richie 3 years ago, it happens again.
Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary.

Mommy believes tromson will be recovering in no time and he will have good appetite back again.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Sick again combo teething....:(

This is the third time Tromson falls sick. He caught flu bug since Wednesday morning.
At first he coughed with phleghm then on friday morning, he started developing fever and running nose.
Mommy already gave him ventolin puff, singulair, mucosolvan and rhinarhimine. Today he has no more fever but the running nose and cough still there. My poor boy !

Besides, his bottom right incissor has erupted as well therefore what's the right time !
He has no appetite besides milk but since he has blocked nose, he can't drink milk peacefully too

Hopefully he recovers soon just in time before his birthday

Get well soon my boy !

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Practising hand eyes coordination

Mommy stimulates his hand eyes coordination with this hammering activity and fruits cutting
He's still learning by observing when mommy or daddy gives example how to do it

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Percussion entertainment

While having lunch, tromson and koko richie entertained each other with percussion entertainment

Clap hand - bye - hi5 - shake hand

Tromson now can follow some instructions
Clap hand, bye2, hi5 and shake hand
Well done son!

Happy 11 months old

Wesley the westgate kids club mascot

While papa and koko went to snowcity on Sunday, tromson and mommy shopped at westgate and they had activity
Meeting wesley, free balloon and free popcorn

Open and close drawer

New activity which was accidentally discovered by tromson
He learnt how to sit a bit far from drawer so it can be openned widely as well as how to push the drawer without hurting his fingers
Well done boy!

Table food

This week tromson has started table food with little dash of salt
He tried bakmoy without sweet soya sauce, pumpkin soup with pasta, spinach tofu soup