Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Eating table food, ready or not ?

Mommy was on dillema, since the last few days of holiday, Tromson's appetite has decreased.
Mommy guess that he has tried table food here and there during our holiday and he can choose what taste nice for him...sigh...

Like today, when mommy made pasta and chicken soup for him, and his soup was not enough, mommy gave a bit from koko's soup which is tasteful.
He loves it so much


Understand what mommy says

This is another milestone for his social development. Tromson understands mommy's instructions and what mommy's saying.
This morning, mommy asks him to pick up ball and he does it. Then, mommy asks him to throw the ball, he lets go the ball
Well done boy !

Fun activities in Semarang


Street Food Experience

No....not for Tromson.
But mommy brought him to experiece how to eat street food with no aircon
We went to eat nasi ayam bu Wido and Soto Bokoran. Both are must food in Semarang

Nostalgic visit to Toko Oen

Toko Oen is one of the oldest restaurant in Semarang and it hold nostalgic memory in mommy's family.
Mommy celebrated sweet 17 birthday there on April 1999.
They still kept the recipe the same from generation to generation.

Happy 84th Birthday Oma Co Gwatt

On Sunday, Oma Sian and Oma co Gwat visited Semarang and we celebrated her 84th Birthday on Tuesday.
The b'day pudding was so delicious and made by oma Swan
The feast was from Pringgading Restaurant
Happy Birthday Oma Co, wish you have a good health and long life and happiness

I can stand up with support

Tromson finally can stand up with support almost 10.5 months old. He's still wobbly though but it's a great leap for him and mommy since he loved to take it easy on his milestone hehe


Day 5 : Meeting mommy's old school mate

We had dinner with aunty Ping ping and her son at S2
Aunty Ping ping was mommy's classmate during highschool at Domenico Savio, such a long time yah

Day 4 : Gua Kerep and Cimory

We went to Gua Kerep for praying and giving thanks to God and followed with lunch at Cimory.
This time round, we went with oma Swan

Day 3 : First hair cut

We went to mommy's regular salloon and Tromson had his first hair cut ever.
He can sit still and was curious with aunty ling ling who cut his hair

Day 2 : having fun at home

On second day, we planned to have hair cut for koko and Tromson but since opa met accident and hurt his leg, we canceled our plan.
Luckily, oma happy had this ride which has accompanied us since 1996
Tromson was having fun at home with koko Richie



Semarang holiday (9 - 20 June 2014)

This is the first travel for Tromson by airplane out of Singapore.
We visited Semarang by Silk Air since it's comfortable and we could use krisflier points.

Silk Air stewardesses were very friendly and accomodating, we had great experience with Silk Air and Tromson enjoyed it too.
But not when we reached Semarang Airport. The queue for immigration was long, then baggage claim and custom checkpoint were so near and cramp. It was very hot too.
Tromson was crying non-stop, luckily one of airport staffs helped mommy when mommy asked him.

We could cut the queue for custom check and once we met opa, mommy was so relieve....
This when our holiday begun

Finally Tromson met "other half" hehe which is opa tjwan, whom most people say a lot of similarities between them

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Monday, 2 June 2014

First time riding kiddy ride

While mommy's having lunch with friends, papa took care tromson and koko at vivocity
Then koko and tromson were playing kiddy ride
Tromson was so nervous, cute expression