Monday, 28 April 2014

Visit from oma sian and family

Mashed potato with egg tofu

Ingredients :
1 potato, steamed
carrot, minced
asparagus, minced
zucchini, minced
1 cheese cube
half egg tofu
shallot, minced
a knob of unsalted butter
50cc milk
Mash the steamed potato and mix with milk, butter
Sautee the shallot with butter, add carrot, asparagus, zucchini, egg tofu and water / stock until it's soften.
Mix together with mashed potato and add cheese cube
Suitable for freezing

Mashed potato with salmon poached in orange

 Ingredients :
1 potato, steamed
carrot, minced
zucchini, minced
sweet peas, minced
salmon fillet
1 orange
shallot minced,
1 cheese cube
1 knob of butter
50cc milk
Mash the steamed potato and add milk and butter and fold it together.
Sautee the shallot in butter, add carrot, zucchini, sweet peas and stock/water until it's soften.
On the other pan, poach the salmon with orange juices until it's cooked and flake it with fork
Mix all together with mashed potato
Suitable for freezing

Beef bolognaise rice

 Ingredients :
Minced beef
cherry tomatoes minced
half carrot minced
shallot minced
a knob of butter
a cheese cube
sautee the shallot with butter, add minced beef, carrot and tomato.
Pour the stock/water until it's soften.
Add the cheese cube and mix together.
Blend according to preferred texture.
Mix with rice porridge or baby pasta
The sauce is suitable for freezing

Fish soup and rice porridge

 Ingredients :
fish fillet
salted sardine fish
cherry tomatoes
in the pot of water, add salted sardine fish for stocks.
After it's boiled, add cherry tomato, broccoli, tofu and fish fillet.
Mix together with rice porridge

Saturday, 26 April 2014

First time swimming (26 April 2014)

 Today's weather is a bit warm therefore mommy wants to put him into the pool for a while.
At first, he's a bit afraid 'cos the water temperature is a bit cold but after sometimes he relaxing and enjoying much.
Surprisingly, when mommy lets him to lie down, he can float with little help from mommy
Well done boy !

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Chicken bolognaise pasta

Today he has chicken bolognaise baby pasta and he loves it.
The recipe of the sauce has been posted before

Steamed egg

 Mommy got this recipe from a friend.
Ingredients :
1 egg yolk
100 cc stock or water
minced meat
spinach leaf
Mix all together in the heatproof bowl and steam for 15 minutes

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy easter 2014 (20 April 2014)

We celebrate this easter by having family lunch at Din Tai Fung

Mix salad and finger food

These are some of Tromson's meal for a day. He has vegetable and fruits everyday

steamed carrot, sweetpeas and apples

steamed asparagus, pear and sweet potato

Rice with scramble egg,spinach, tomato

Since he has shown interest and appetite for more meals, mommy made this rice porride with scramble egg of spinach, tomato and cheese

Ingredients :
cooked rice 2 tsb
Chicken stock 200cc
1 egg yolk
1 cheese cube
5 spinach leaves, minced
2 cherry tomatoes, minced
1 small onion, minced
1 tsp oil

To make rice porridge, cook the cooked rice with chicken stock until it soften
sautee onion with oil, add spinach, tomato then add beaten egg yolk. Turn off the heat and add the cheese

Rice pancake

This is another alternative for eating rice.

Ingredients :
cooked rice 2 tsb
1 egg yolk beaten
steamed carrot, minced
steamed broccoli, minced
2 cherry tomato, minced
1 cheese cube
1 knob of oil / unsalted butter

Mix together rice, carrot, broccoli, tomato, egg yolk and cheese cube.
Heat the oil and scoop the rice mixture with spoon and put into the hot oil.
Turn back when it changes to golden brown

Rice porridge with chicken, carrot

Since Tromson was turning to 8.5 months, he shows some interests in eating bigger portion and new texture.
So mommy makes rice porridge for the first time. Actually, mommy wants to make it plain rice porridge but since mommy doesn't have ready chicken stock. Therefore mommy using the chicken fillet with carrot to cook together with cooked rice and water

And he loves it, yummy !

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Baby Led Weaning - sweet pea and perkedel

Since he rejects any puree, mommy decides not to pursue further and changes to Baby led weaning all the way
After periods of teething, his three teeth errupt at the same time
Now his appetite is back but still say NO to puree and YES to finger food
Today, mommy makes steamed sweet pea and perkedel (pan fried mashed potato)

Ingredients :
1 potato, steamed and mashed
half carrot, steamed and minced
1 egg yolk, beaten
1 knob oil / unsalted butter

Mix the mashed potato and minced carrot together and mould with hand to make ball shape
Coat the mashed potato into beaten egg yolk and pan fried into hot oil until golden brown

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Courageous Movie - Recommended for all daddies

Daddy found this movie and bought it from iTunes. It's great movie for those who are inspired to strive becoming better daddy.

It's recommended for Tromson too when he's mature enough

Here's the link for Courageous movie official

and the synopsis is below

Honor Begins at Home

Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood.

While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they're quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark.

When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God ... and to their children?
Filled with action-packed police drama, COURAGEOUS is the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Riveted moviegoers will once again find themselves laughing, crying, and cheering as they are challenged and inspired by everyday heroes who long to be the kinds of dads that make a lifelong impact on their children.

Protecting the streets is second nature to these men. Raising their children in a God-honoring way? That's courageous

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Baby Led Weaning - Carrot and French beans

Yesterday, mommy steamed one long carrot and five pieces of French beans and he loved it
He can eat most of it and more than puree that mommy made hehehe...
Good job

Btw below pictures are Tromson's pictures munching on carrots and French beans

Three teeth now...

What a nice surprise, yesterday mommy found two teeth erupted.
One is in the top and another one is in the bottom, both are incisors
Tromson has three teeth now


Happy 32th Birthday Mommy

This year birthday is very meaningful for mommy.
Prior to this, Papa, koko Richie and Tromson were down with flu bugs. Papa has earing infection and sinus, koko Richie has coughing and runny nose and Tromson has coughing with phlegm and runny nose until we need to use nebulizer.
Those few days were very tiring and sleepless nights 'cos Tromson was uncomfortable to sleep at night.
One wish that mommy asks God is having all boys recovered just in time before my birthday so we can have nice celebration
Thanks God, He answers my prayer just in time before my birthday.
All is well and we do really have simple and nice celebration.
Another surprise is it costs S$5 only for nice meals at Ichiban Sushi because mommy won spinning worth S$40 and the bill was S$45
Thanks God for the healthy family, simple and nice celebration and sweet surprise dinner
May Your Love and Holy Spirit guide me always to be a wise and good wife, mother, and daughter

Monday, 7 April 2014

Trying heinz baby food

This week mommy didn't cook anything for Tromson, 'cos he has some frozen food and also mommy's not sure how his appetite is for this week.
Therefore, mommy bought some baby food in jar with different consistency

Apple Mango puree - not really like it
Custard banana - love it (when I read the ingredients, it contains sugar) wonder he loves it
Apple cereal - reject it

Nebulizer ...

Finally, Tromson has been in nebulizer for 4 days. Luckily, he's so calm when mommy put the mask on.
Thanks God, his cough and running nose have over.
It's one of my mommy's bday wish which is having healthy family before mom's bday