Monday, 31 March 2014


Hahaha, mommy tease tromson
So cute

Making chicken stock

This chicken stock taste so yummy and sweet with all natural ingredients
1l water
3 chicken claws or chicken bones
Half carrot, cut in big chunks
Leek, cut in big chunks
Half sweet corn
Wintermelon, cut in big chunks
Onion and garlic
Add all ingredients in the boiling water and stew for an hour
Suitable for freezing

Chicken bolognaise sauce

The original recipe is using beef but since mommy has only minced chicken then it's chicken bolognaise then
100g minced chicken
Garlic minced
Two third carrot, minced
2 tomatoes, skinned and seedless, minced
Tomato puree (optional)
A knob of unsalted butter
150ml chicken stock
Sautee garlic with butter, add carrot and minced chicken
Add tomato puree if using and minced tomato
Pour the chicken stock and cook until all soften
Blend according to prefered texture
The sauce is suitable for freezing
For pasta, i'm using baby pasta

The fruity chicken

Another twisted recipe from annabel karmel book
Half apple, minced
100g minced chicken
Two third carrot, minced
Garlic and onion minced
A knob unsalted butter
150ml chicken stock
Sautee garlic and onion with butter
Add carrot, minced chicken and apple
Pour the chicken stock and stew for 15 mins untill all soften
Blend according to preferred texture
Suitable for freezing

The chicken casserole

Tromson has been eating little lately, not sure because of his sickness or teething
Mommy made new menu and thought it may help increase his appetite
The recipes are from annabel karmel book with little twist
1 potato, minced
100 g minced chicken
Minced garlic
Two third carrot, chopped
Few broccoli florets
1 tsp vegetable oil
150ml chicken stock
Sautee the garlic with oil, add carrot and minced chicken and potato
Mix well and pour chicken stock until it soften
Add broccoli and stew for 15 minutes untill all soft
Blend with blender accordingly to prefered texture
Suitable for freezing

Sick again

Tromson just recovered from runny nose and coughing but only few days he caught the virus again from koko Richie
And this time round papa and koko are both down to sick, only mommy survives
Mommy has been a zombie for 4 days in row when Tromson was uncomfort at night, especially blocked nose attacked
So far mommy didn't give any medicine but tomorrow mommy's going to bring him to PD for check up and ask medicine for standby
Hopefully all boys are getting well soon before mommy's bday
Which is one of mommy's bday wishes
And during this time, both boys are still making good laughter

Monday, 24 March 2014

Balloon paradise

Baby Led Weaning - toast

Mommy bought traditional white bread that usually used for toast and let him taste and play some of it

Baby Led Weaning Strawberry

Tromson has been on off in solid. When he's no appetite, mommy gives him finger food.
This time round, he's so interested in eating koko Richie's fruits, therefore mommy gives him one strawberry and he can finish it almost the whole of it with some mess of course

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ready to swim...

Mommy bought new swimsuit duck for Trom, it's oversize for him.
He's ready to learn swimming with mommy next week yeahhh

No appetite again...

Sigh...this few days are tough again, Tromson has no appetite.
Mommy gives him puree or finger food, he rejects all
The good news is he likes plain water haha...eventhough he still learning to use straw, mommy gives plain water through srynge

This week, mommy just makes fruits puree just for standby

- Pear puree
- Avocado pear puree
- melon puree

Friday, 14 March 2014

The uniqueness of Tromson Vs Koko Richie

Well, after observations for quite sometimes, mommy wants to make a summary for the uniqueness of Tromson Vs koko Richie.
This is not to compare to each other but to realize that each individual is unique and the way both learn about something will be different too.
Each has his strengths and weaknesses...

Physical Appearance
Hair   :  T (straight and brown hair)  R (curl and black hair)
Face  :  T ( round face )  R ( eclipse face )
Head shape : T (not so round)  R(rounded shape)
Eyes  :  T ( small eyes no eyelid)  R ( big eyes with eyelid )
Nose  :  T ( small and long nose )  R ( big nose )
Ear :  T ( normal shape )  R ( longer ears)
Mouth  :  T ( small mouth )  R ( bigger mouth )
Skin :  T (fairer skin )   R (fair skin)

Perseverance :  T ( more persevere )  R ( easy to be bored)
Patience :   T ( more patience )  R (impatience )
Coolness :  T ( act cool if something happens )  R ( easy to express his feeling )
Dynamics :  T ( static )   R ( dynamic )
Learning style :  T ( can learn and focus for quite sometime )  R ( must learn different things everyday )

Progress in flashcard..(7 months plus)

This week topic is about animals, Tromson is so excited when mommy starts flashing a card to him.

7 months achievement ...

This surprises mommy, Tromson can understand two sign language, shake hand and Hi-5 toss
When mommy says Hi-5 with my hand, and he will follow suit by giving his hand to mommy, and when mommy says shake hand, he follows it too.
Well done boy !

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pooping in progress...

mommy caught his funny expression during pooping, he poops usually during lunch time around 3pm


Entertaining Tromson in the morning

While mommy's cooking, koko Richie accompanies and entertains Tromson in the morning with the song

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Haze sigh ...

This few days the haze has came back and it's getting worse at night
So koko Richie has down with running nose then daddy, mommy almost got it too with discomfort throat and eyes and last but not least is Tromson

He has mild fever 3 days ago, not sure whether it's due to virus or teething
Cos it's a day only and only 37.8 deg c Last night he started coughing and a little bit running nose
Luckily he still able to nurse and eat even though not so much

He now likes to drink plain water using srynge yeeaahhh

Purple puree

The food theme for this week will be purple
Mommy has made puree stocks for this week from mix fruits and vegies
- Mix melon blueberry
- mix apple pear
- Mix purple sweet potato, bell pepper, wintermelon, tomato
- Mix honey sweet potato, french beans,edamame
- Mix purple and honey sweet potato, broccoli, edamame
Hope tromson likes it

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Brothers are forever

Brothers share a special bond,
Like blood, brotherhood,
It’s thicker than water.
Friends may come and go,
And relationships may drift apart,
But brothers are forever.
Though the sun may rise in the east,
And set in the west,
We will still be brothers.
Though the seasons may change,
Spring, summer, fall and winter;
We will still be brothers.
What God has ordained,
No man can change,
Brothers are forever

Dedicated to my sons, Richmond and Tromson
Photographed by mommy

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rich son around 6 - 7 mos

yeayyy he loves to eat...

Finally, I can see that he loves to eat too...
Mommy made mix carrot, sweet corn, cauliflower puree, mix sweet potato, broc, tomato puree, banana peach puree and papaya pear puree and he loves them all
It seems that one small container is not enough for him hehe...

So far, he has eaten 3x a day
Breakfast : a whole banana
Lunch and dinner : same meal

He's more accepting to plain water too even though he hasn't loved it yet.
But slowly he will...
Mommy gives plain water after each meal by using srynge. It's only 10ml each.

Well done boy !

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Happy 7 months old

Laugh till drop


West Coast Park on Sunny Sunday (2 March 2014)

After quite sometimes break from going to park, yesterday we went to West Coast Park.
Tromson has now in the curiosity stage, he likes to observe and touch new things.
And when we brought him to the park, he's so eager to see what's going on around him

What a lovely Sunday !

Attending wedding (1 March 2014)

This is the second time, we brought the whole family attending wedding.
This time round was fine dining wedding celebration at Il Lido, Sentosa
Congratulations to Uncle Indry and Aunty Dian

Back to puree...

After three days his appetite was back to normal again and no longer teething, mommy prepared him puree again.
The reason behind is, it's faster and save time.
When mommy do BLW to him, it spends half an hour to watch over him, then must clean him and his tray with small intakes and more wastage.
In addition, koko Richie also wants to be accompanied so mommy can't spend much time only feeding Tromson.

So, this week will be mixture vegies and fruits

Vegies :

- mix sweet potato, broccoli and tomato
- mix carrot, cauliflower and corn

Fruits :

- mix peach and banana
- mix papaya and pear

Hopefully this week's intake is good

Yeayy one tooth ...

I don't know if this is supposed to be good or bad news.
The good news is Tromson has one tooth and his appetite has back to normal
The bad news is mommy must be very careful when breastfeed him so he won't bite mommy's nipple and must be careful with his teeth by cleaning it regularly

Baby Led Weaning : carrot againn

This is another third attempt giving him carrot and he knows what to do with carrot eventhough he's gagging in the beginning

Baby Led weaning banana

Tromson has great improvement, when we gave him food in his tray, he knows what to do already.
This time round we give him banana