Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Will be his first tooth coming out soon ?

Mommy saw a little whitish in his below gum, looks like his tooth is coming out soon, hopefully it's otherwise it's like a torture for him and mommy when he's not interested in solid food and cranky

Baby led weaning :papaya

 This morning, Tromson is having papaya for breakfast. But he seems not interested. He just plays with the fruit and mashes it in the table after that he licks his fingers
Oh well ....

Baby led weaning : broccoli cauliflower

 Yesterday, Tromson was having broccoli and cauliflower. He seemed not so into trying it. He just played and tried a little bit. May be he was not in the good mood

Monday, 24 February 2014

First Fall....( 23 Feb 2014)

Tromson has first fall from the bed on Sunday morning, Feb 23, 2014.
He was in the bed with koko Richie and daddy was taking shower and mommy just went out for a while to the kitchen
Koko Richie was watching TV and didn't see Tromson.
So suddenly there's sound bug...
Mommy rushed to the room and found Tromson lying down in the floor crying

Hopefully it's the first and the last and nothing gone wrong

Poor boy !

Drinking water from shot sippy cup

It's part of BLW exercise, Trom is practicing drinking water from shot sippy cup

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Baby led weaning bible book

Mommy is very curious about this baby led weaning method and bought this book
They give us insight about what BLW is all about, do and don'ts and also delicious recipes

Some insights about BLW
- Nobody "feeds" the baby, when he's ready he starts handling food and taking it to his mouth by himself
- It's up to the baby how much he eats, and how fast he eats it
- The baby continues to have milk feeds whenever he wants them and decides when he is ready to begin reducing them
- Mealtimes is playing time
- He will explore the food with fingers out of curiosity rather than hungry
- No schedule to follow, the best time to do BLW when he's not hungry nor tired

Is my baby ready ? Some signs to watch out
- Sit with little or no support
- Reach out and grab things effectively
- Take objects to their mouth quickly and accurately
- Make gwaning and chewing movements

The gag reflex
When baby gags, food that isn't ready to be swallowed is pushed forward in a retching movement to prevent it getting to the back of the throat.
To help the gag reflex to work for baby, make sure that he is setting upright while he's eating so that any food that isn't ready for swallowing falls forward out of his mouth
It's also important that none but your baby puts the food into his mouth so that he can take the time he needs to control each mouthful effectively.


Baby led weaning : carrot

Today mommy tries steamed carrot
He learns about carrot by touching, seeing, holding and tasting
He's not able to put the carrot into his mouth yet but practice makes perfect
Also, koko Richie is being supportive by giving him example by putting his M&M at tromson's table and pick them from there
Tromson is watching and copying
Keep it up boy !

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Funny Video

It happens when Tromson was very hungry and koko Richie wanted to feed him.
But too bad, while koko was very careful and made sure that the portion was not so big, he couldn't wait longer and he ate anything he found like table hehe...

Baby led weaning : avocado

The second BLW is using avocado.
He likes the taste and texture but he can't hold it by himself yet because it's too slippery for him. Most of it end up in his body or hand before he has chance to taste it. Therefore he prefers mommy put it into his mouth.
He can finish a slice of it, and when mommy tries to give him the second one, he's gagging and throwing up all
Anyway, good try boy !

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Baby led weaning trial 1 : broccoli (20 feb 2014)

Tromson has interest again on puree food esp this morning when I give him pumpkin cauliflower puree
In the afternoon, mommy wants to try BLW method to him
I sit him in the high chair, top off and give a steam broccoli in his table
He's so excited to catch and hold but before putting into his mouth, the florets have become a mess
So mommy takes one and puts it into his mouth, he seems like it hehe love his expressions
He's trying to put into his mouth but fail and getting impatience after sometime
There's a little gagging which is normal and part of learning
He chews again before swallowing
Besides, it's good for practicing hand eye coordination
Anyway, good try tromson
Practice makes perfect !

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Regular check up (19 feb 2014)

Today we have regular check up and vaccination for 6in1 and pneumococal

His weight : 10.1 kg ( at home 10.1-10.4kg)
His length : 71cm
His head circumference : 45cm

His percentiles are in the 90 percent

Everything is going well and looks normal except his butt has fungal infection which the doctor gives him fungus cream

He cries for a while during the jab

Keep it up boy !

Learning sitting with support at 6.5 mos (18 feb 2014)

Yesterday, he surprised me by trying to sit with support at stroller and bouncer
He was the most excited one since his view is broaden now
Well done boy!

Verdict of root vegies

Basically he's okay with the taste of potato, sweet potato and pumpkin
But for texture wise, he prefers pumpkin, potato and the last is sweet potato
This morning, mommy gives him pumpkin cauliflower mixture and he finishes the whole bowl

Monday, 17 February 2014

New method found - Baby Led Weaning

After searching in the internet for answer how to solve the problem of 6 months old baby rejects puree food, mommy found this new method - Baby Led weaning
It's very interesting and common in western country.

Instead of we spoonfed the baby, baby will eat by himself using his fingers and stop when he's full.
Mommy want to try this method to Tromson and see how his respond.

Since we don't have proper high chair for him yet, mommy gives a try by holding a slice of watermelon and let him suck and chew and eat it.
It's not much but it seems positive response from him

Hopefully this method works for him eventhough it's a bit messier and the food intake will be much less than puree for the start

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Avocado melon puree (17 Feb 2014)

Even though Tromson still has this tongue thrust reflex, mommy never gives up, mommy gives him try of solid food eventhough he eats a little bit only.

This morning, mommy gives avocado melon puree. The taste is very nice, milky, creamy and sweet
But he takes only few spoons only, haiyahhh...
and for plain water, mommy gives him through srynge. Likes it or not, he must try to drink plain water for his own good

1 ripe avocado
3 slices melon
blended together with hand mixer

Friday, 14 February 2014

Tounge thrust reflex

After searching from internet, now mommy knows that he may not be ready for solid food

After observing the way he reacts with food, mommy concludes his tounge thrust reflex is not gone yet
He onlu takes thin puree and eats it like sipping the milk

Oh well, let try it again nxt week then

Fussy eating

Yesterday and today Tromson doesn't have much appetite for solid food
He just eats a little bit and shut his mouth
He has no more fever but he can't sleep well to last night and not drinking milk as much as usual

Mommy is clueless, it may be because of teething or other reasons

Hopefully it will pass soon and his appetite is back again

My poor boy

Thursday, 13 February 2014

First music introduction

Mommy starts to introduce music to tromson by turning on nursery rhymes every morning and also playing keyboard
Hopefully he has mommy's gene hehe


This video is taken when he starts complaining hehe

First time having mild fever (13 feb 2014)

Yesterday afternoon after napping, mommy played keyboard with Tromson and felt that his forehead was warm and he's so sleepy
Then mommy measured his body temperature and it was 37.7 deg
He had mild fever
At first mommy didn't want to give paracetamol yet and prefered breastfeed him
But until 5.30 pm his fever never came down therefore mommy gave him 1.5 ml paracetamol and his fever subsided
Ard midnite, his fever increased again to 38 deg, which still considered mild and mommy gave 1.8 cc paracetamol and lots of breastmilk
After 8 hours, his fever peak was ard 37.7 deg and another dose of paracetamol was given. Hopefully it was the last dose paracetamol, he was still active as usual
Mommy guessing it may be due to teething

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Verdict of papaya and watermelon puree

Mommy tried mashed papaya to Tromson, he actually likes the taste but since it's mashed, sometimes he feels like choking...

When mommy gives him mashed watermelon, he likes the taste not the texture since it's mashed, he feels like choking every time he eats the watermelon flesh and loves the watermelon juice.

Therefore, today mommy makes watermelon puree by blending it with hand mixer and he loves it, he finishes the whole bowl

3 slice watermelon
blended with hand mixer, no need to add water since watermelon is very juicy

Yeayy his photobook of babtism pictures has arrived today

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A little student with a little teacher

This entertainment happened right before night sleep. Koko Richie has new toys which is wooden blocks and the lid of the bucket is a shape sorter so he teaches Tromson how to do shape sorter.
After he finishes explaining, guess what is Tromson's reaction ??

Assorted root vegies puree

Next week mommy has planned to make him experiment with root vegies
Mommy made 9 cubes for a week or so survival hehe
The root vegies are sweet potato, potato and pumpkin, and to make the mixture not too sweet or bland, mommy added carrots and cauliflowers
So here we go
First puree : sweet potato cauliflower puree ( 4 cubes )
The second puree : potato carrot puree ( 3 cubes )
The third puree : pumpkin cauliflower puree ( 2 cubes )

Finally he likes oat cereals n milk

Finally he loves it, oat cereal and breastmilk served in luke warm temperature
And koko Richie helps mommy feeding tromson with cereal this morning

Pear papaya puree

This fruits mixture is his favorite so far, cos of natural sweetness
1 pear, cooked till soft then blended
1 slice ripe papaya, mashed
Mix both together
First trial 2 tsp

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pure pear puree

Today, mommy will give him pure pear puree. Let's see whether he enjoys it. it's kinda sweet taste though
1 golden pear
steamed/boiled with little water
blended with hand mixer and add boiled water for texture consistency

Trying apple pear puree

Yesterday, mommy gave a mixture apple pear puree since Tromson didn't poo for few days. He doesn't really like it perhaps the apple is a bit sour. But as result he poo a lot and the texture changes too. It's no more creamy watery, it's more paste like and smelly hehe...

Baby Oat cereal with breastmilk

Mommy bought this organic baby whole grain cereal at NTUC finest, it's pretty expensive which is S$7.30 almost double from regular cereal. The reason is lesson learnt from koko Richie when he can't poo for 5 days after giving him regular rice cereal. Hopefully Tromson can digest and poo

When mommy gave it to him in thinner version with breastmilk, he rejected it..perhaps the milk is not warm enough
So today, mommy makes sure the milk is warm and mix with cereal and he likes it. It's still in thinner texture, tomorrow mommy will make it a little bit thicker

toes licking good

New exploration for Tromson since he can reach his toes

Happy 0.5 year old (3 Feb 2014)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Third solid food - apple puree (1 Feb 2014)

This morning, mommy made apple puree for Trom, it's sweet and a bit sour apple. Mommy made from one fuji apple, boiled for few minutes then blended it with hand mixer then add boiled water to make thinner texture. Mommy divided the mixture to three containers.
At first, he found the taste is different from carrot which is sweeter but he asked for more and can finish the whole bowl.

1 fuji apple
steamed/boiled with little water
blended with hand mixer and add boiled water for texture consistency
First Trial : 1 tsp of apple puree and mixed with cooling water