Sunday, 28 December 2014

Playdate at Kidstop (23 Dec 2014)

This is the latepost.
We went to Kidstop 2 days before xmas with our CG friends and had playdate there.
This is the second time for Tromson and surely he enjoyed it wandering and exploring around especially after he's able to walk

Drinking milk and juice from straw

Since mommy starts weaning Tromson from breastfeeding, mommy also let him drink fresh milk and juice from straw and voila...he can drink it within 5 minutes
Especially in the morning, he can finish 200cc fresh milk in one go using a straw

Mommy's so happy and proud of him

Well done Tromson !

Hellow Hellow

Tromson loves to play pretend especially using one of our Hp
He will pretend that he is talking to somebody hahaha


Stacking Donut

Yipee....finally Tromson is able to stack donut from big to small size without any helps

Well done Tromson !

Xmas celebration with family (25 Dec 2014)

This year xmas, we celebrate with our big family. Opa Jerry, Oma Ani, Oma co, Om Reynard, Tante Irene, Om Evan, Iik Intan and our little family.

It's a simple and warm celebration full with laughter, joy and love as a big family.
Everybody had gifts from Santa Mommy hahaha and we finished it with luncheon at Thai Express
Moments that we will always remember and treasure

This is second xmas for Tromson and mommy hopes he enjoys it too

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas !!
Wish everybody have blessed and jolly xmas celebration

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pororo Show @Marina Square

This is our first meet and greet for xmas 2014. It was not a planned one.
We wanted to have lunch at kolo mee but koko Richie saw there's pororo show coming up so we stayed there and queue for photo session ticket.
Unfortunately, Tromson was a sleep all the way and woke up just in time for meet and greet photo session

Friday, 12 December 2014

Selfie with mom

Family Weekly praise and worship

We have this family culture every weekend where by we will have praise and worship session as a family. Papa will play guitar and lead the praise and worship and everybody will sing together.
Last Sunday was a bit different, koko Richie also wanted to play guitar and Tromson did clap hand and disturbing papa and koko with his curiosity hahaha...

Fruit Cutting Exercise

Finally Tromson got the idea what to do with the fruit cutting exercise.
After cutting the fruits manually with his hands, the next learning step is holding the knife properly and targeting to the fruits properly.
Now, he can hold knife properly and targeting to the fruits eventhough it's not perfect yet.
But still, it's kinda achievement for his fine motor skills

Keep it up Trom !

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

This is the way Tromson swims.... ( 9 Dec 2014)

Mommy brought Tromson to swim today since the weather is so nice and he just wakes up from his long nap..
He's so excited whenever he sees water...and of course swimming is his favourite activity.

We did many things today...learning blowing bubble, submerge, frog leg and we had so much fun
After swimming, he eats more portion than what his normal portion and sleep early around 8pm hahaha

Well done boy !


Yeayyy Walk walk walk everywhere

Finally after a month practicing walking, he's now walking everywhere...
This is the peak of gross motoric development of first year of life.
Witnessing him walking happily with confident is the best Christmas gift for us

Well done Tromson !

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

Happy 16 months old

Desaru holiday (29-30 Nov 2014)

We went to Desaru last Saturday with our CG ELZA
It was so much fun and it's our first road trip to Malaysia.
The journey itself took around 1 hour excluding the custom immigration queue.
We visited fruit farm and ostrich farm. Unfortunately it was heavy pour at fruit farm therefore we didn't have chance to go around the farm, we just enjoyed the fruits from the farm
Nonetheless, we had so much fun there