Thursday, 28 November 2013

First Xmas : Star Vista and Orchard Central

This year will be first xmas for Tromson and he will spend his first xmas at Singapore.
We will window shop around the cities, mall to mall and take pictures of beautiful xmas decoration around Singapore.
Here's our first and second stop : Star Vista and Orchard Central
More to come

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another unfeeling well ( 3 mos 3 weeks )

Almost 4 mos Tromson wasn't feeling well starting from Monday afternoon.
After he slept at koko Richie's bedroom with aircon, then he developed blocked nose, and yesterday evening he started coughing.
Today, mommy brought him to see GP downstairs and he said that it's just mild viral infection, nothing to worry about.
Just continue breastfeeding and he gave nose drop only
Get well soon baby !

Oh ya btw, his weight is 8.51 kg

Another Giggling time with Koko

Yesterday while waiting papa to come back, koko Richie teased Tromson and he giggled giggled eventhough he's not feeling well
Here's the video

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Giggling on Cloudy Sunday

Tromson likes to giggle especially when we tease him

First Wedding Event as Family of 4 (16 Nov 2013)

This is our picture of family of 4 on Aunty Fenni and Uncle Hendra's Wedding at Orchid Country Club, Nov 16, 2013

Tromson Donald is 3.5 mos

Today marks Tromson's 3.5 mos. He attends first public event which is wedding party of mommy and daddy's friend, Aunty Fenni and Uncle Hendra at Orchid Country Club
He wears Donald Duck costume and looks so cute with it

Minions Fever

Richmond and Tromson first matching t-shirt which is Minions, gift from Oma Tine

Gru and minions

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Richmond and Tromson around same time 2 - 3 mos

3 - 4 hours...

Yeay...finally he knows himself haha...
Now he drinks every 3 - 4 hours, even mostly is 4 hours now.
So mommy can go to gym with easy mind now and not to rush to go back home too.
At night he wakes up mostly 2x ard 1 - 1.30 am and 4 - 5am, mommy has longer sleep as well.

Today, he has new habit by biting my nipple while nursing, so I need to press his nose a bit to stop him haizzz

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pok Ame ame

This is mommy's favourite childhood nursery rhymes and now koko Richie sings it to Tromson

Pok Ame ame
belalang kupu kupu
siang makan nasi
kalo malam minum cucu

Tromson loves it and he smiles whenever we sing it to him

Fine Motoric Development 3 Mos

At 3 mos 1 week, his Fine motoric has developed, he starts to open his hand, learns to grab and hold rattles.
Once he gets it, he starts to play the rattle using his sensory.
At first, he holds it, then sees it, followed by tasting and smelling, and then he listens it by shaking the rattle
Besides, he learns to focus at one time.

Another favourite toy is his cloth which mommy usually use when mommy burps him.
Hence, he learns about texture too, his rattle has smooth surface and his cloth has rough surface.

Good job boy ! Way to go !


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Self Soothe with thumb (3 mos)

I found it he's so cute, he uses his own thumb as pacifier while mommy is in the kitchen.
He can lie down with sucking his thumb and sleep on his own haha...
It makes mommy's life easier huh


Flashcard and story book (3 mos)

Since mommy has no idea what else to do with Tromson while he's awake. Singing and talking are always the ritual but it could be more than that, therefore mommy use flashcard and story book to stimulate his right brain.
Luckily, he's still 3 mos and not moving a lot therefore it's easier for mommy to use flashcard on him.
He can focus easily since not so much distraction.

Mommy show him dot 1 - 5 and 5 words and 5 pictures of animals as starter.
Mommy doesn't expect him to read or count, it's just for concentration practice and brain stimulation only

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bonding time with daddy

Koko Richie has been temporarily moved cos he's infected with HFMD.
So only mommy, daddy and Tromson are at home now.
Here's some pictures of Tromson and daddy bonding time after work


Happy 3 months old

Tromson is 3 months old and he's such a healthy and big baby.
His weight is now 7.8 kg and counting
Milestones :
- Lifting up his head 90 deg
- smiling and laughing with people
- starting to open his hand and grab toys
- prefers co-sleep with mommy during afternoon nap and night sleep

Well done baby ! Way to go !