Saturday, 26 October 2013

Just for fun

Duo Giraffe

Tromson was aware that koko Richie came back to school around 1pm, therefore he usually wakes up during that time and then nap together around 3pm.
After koko Richie has lunch, both of them play together, it's kinda cute as well seeing both of them entertain each other.
Here's some cute pictures mommy took and also the video they are together

2.5 mos milestone achievement - Lifting up his head 90 deg

It caught us surprise that Tromson can lift up his head 90 deg which is supposed for 3-4 mos milestone.
Well done baby !
Go baby Go !

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

2.5 months old

The weight is so far 7.2 kg and counting...
He's now sleeping in his cot without any pillow below, cos it's not enough the length to accommodate his length. Mommy bought cooling gel pad as well so he can sleep soundly

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Regular check up at 2 months 1 week (13 Oct 2013)

On Sunday, mommy brought him for regular check up and vaccination jab at GP downstairs. Doctor attended us is Dr. Choi and he's very patient and attentive doctor, therefore mommy feels comfortable consulting with him

Weight : 6.95kg
Length  : 61cm
Head circumstance : 40cm
Vaccination : 6in1 and rotavirus

His measurement and motoric skills are advance, and it's supposed for 3 - 4 months old baby

Good job baby ! Way to go !

Like a tourist for a day (15 October 2013)

Last Tuesday was public holiday and since oma and opa were here, we went to Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed Singapore River Cruise. Even though we were more than 10 years in Singapore, mommy and daddy haven't been enjoying Singapore River cruise haha... and we stopped at Merlion and took picture with it.
Merlion is one of tourist landmarks in Singapore like little mermaid in Copenhagen.

We enjoyed is so much and Tromso was asleep all day long, he seemed enjoying it too

My breastfed baby and boy

Koko Richie drinks expressed breastmilk from cup and Tromson latches on directly.
Both my precious has drinken the best milk in the world

Playtime together day and night

Richmond and Tromson are like a pair cannot be separated, each time koko Richie wakes up or comes back from school, he always looking for Tromson.
And Tromson also calms down whenever koko Richie entertains him and mommy believes that both of them love each other.
Here's some lovely pictures that mommy managed to take

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Regular routine for Babe and mom

Tromson and mommy has regular routine now, which is good for both of us

The day starts at

6.30am         mommy wakes up and breastfeeding Tromson
6.50am        Tromson back to sleep, while mommy attends Richie and prepares him to go to school
7.15 - 8am   mommy cooks lunch while Tromson pooping and enjoying morning breeze
8 - 8.30am   Tromson starts calling mommy, so mommy eats breakfast in front of him well, entertaining him too
8.45am        Tromson take a bath
9 - 9.30am   Mommy breastfeeds him and put him to sleep, sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work, if he still wants to poop
If he sleeps, mommy cleans the house and takes shower otherwise mommy accompanies him
by 11am - 1pm  he usually sleeps till koko Richie comes back from school

1.30 - 2pm   Breastfeed again
2 - 2.30pm   Playing with koko
2.30 - 5pm   Afternoon nap together with koko
5.30pm        Take a shower
6 - 7pm        Playtime and breastfeeding
7 - 10pm      Sleeping time again
10 - 10.30pm  Breastfeeding
10.30 - 1am    Sleep again

It may not exact but the routine is more or less the same every day

Monday, 7 October 2013

Playing bubble saliva at 2 mos

Like old folks say, when baby starts playing with his saliva, it's time that mommy's hair also fall down
Believe it or not, it's happening right now sigh...
Tromson starts playing bubble with his saliva and mommy's hair starts falling down eventhough it's not so bad yet I hope...

Sunbathe in the afternoon

While both boys are not feeling well, mommy brought both of them to sunbathe in the afternoon after their nap time
Mommy pushes Tromson's stroller, and koko plays with his new scooter

First time almost catch cold...

Phew...mommy was worried when koko Richie catched the cold bug from school
'Cos mommy and daddy also catched the bug from him afterwards and Tromson was the most vulnerable one
Mommy tried to separate koko and Tromson but it's difficult to watch over them 24/7 without getting close to each other.
So mommy just boost breastmilk with lots of fluid, fruits and vit C, hopefully Tromson has good immunity to fight the virus

The first night he catched the bug, he couldn't sleep well 'cos of blocked nose
But the second and third night he seemed improve well and can sleep soundly.

While they are sick, they still play together and entertain each other
Here's some pic and video of role play between Doctor and patient

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sleeping style at day and night

Tromson has 3 places to sleep
After bath, he sleeps at bouncer (loan from Aunty Tita)
then during the day he sleeps at swing (loan from aunty wawa)
Night time he sleeps at playpen with sleeping bag


Smiley Expressions at 2 months old

Tromson has started interacting with people surrounding, his good mood usually in the morning or after he wakes up from good sleep
Besides, he starts to show cooing as well when mommy or daddy is speaking with him.
He likes to be accompanied and listens to our conversations

Rich-son at 2 months old

Happy 2 months old

Tromson is 2 months old now yeay...
He has achieved some development milestones 
- Start to lift up his head
- Start to roll over from his tummy position
- start to interact with other people by making smile expressions and cooing
- Can sleep by himself at the swing in the day and in his crib at night
- Use his thumb as pacifier

His weight is 6.4 kg and he graduates from mixed breastfeeding and formula to solely breastfeeding

Well done boy !