Friday, 30 August 2013

Visit Mommy's gynae

Yesterday, mommy brought Tromson to visit mommy's gynae cos he wants to know how's Tromson doing...
And here's the picture of Tromson and mommy's gynae

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fun Family Picture

Yesterday, oma Happy went back to Semarang after spending almost 1 month here in Singapore.
While we were home just 4 of us, it's kinda weird and happy too 'cos it's just us so we took fun picture of our family

Monday, 26 August 2013

First Baby's Day Out (25 Aug 2013)

Last Sunday, we went to West Coast Park for refreshment and it was his first baby's day out.
He slept the whole time we were there and he has been enjoying the park too.
We will bring him again to the park on weekend

Happy 3 weeks old

Tromson is 3 weeks old now and his weight is 4.5 kg, up by 600 g from last week.
His milk intake has increased to 110 cc formula top up after breastfed

Go baby Go !

Monday, 19 August 2013

Richmond - Tromson expression on week 2

Surprisingly they have the same expressions after bath time and doing "big business" hehe

First tummy time and play time (16 days old)

Mommy put him on tummy time for half minutes when he wakes up
here's the video

15 days...

Finally his cord stump has fallen off on day 15 in the early morning.
Mommy was surprised cos the previous day it still seems strongly attached, and a lot of dried blood surrounding the stump
Now it's easier to take a bath without worrying much about the stump

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bottlefed with NUK classic anti colic (Recommended)

Mommy knew this brand is by chance, 'cos the hospital gave mommy disposable teats which is NUK brand and daddy's friend gave us a gift which is bottle sterilizer NUK brand also.
And so far, Tromson has been using this anti colic teat and seldom burping after feeding.
It resembles the nipple and highly recommended too.

Finally we bought a stroller...

The biggest spending for baby so far is stroller.
Finally we bought it yesterday at Kiddy Palace, Combi WT250 orange colour.
Daddy and mommy liked it 'cos it's light weight, fully canopy and reversible handle.
The investment is S$359

Hopefully, Tromson likes the stroller too so it's not wasted hehehe....

Happy 2 weeks old

It has been 2 weeks old, his weight is around 3.9kg up around 300g from last week.
His milk intake has increased too. He still needs formula top up though around 90cc after finishing 2 breasts.
And mommy's production has increased too eventhough still can't catch up with his needs yet.
When mommy expresses the breast milk, mommy gets around 100cc for two breasts

So far he still can latch on and bottle fed. Hopefully he's not picky like his koko.

Another development is he starts to open his eyes eventhough it's still not fully opened yet and his eyes sight still limited but he can differentiate the daylight and night, and his eyes follows the moving objects too.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Breastfeeding Challenge

Like koko Richie, mommy also struggles with breastfeeding. The first 3 days, Tromson received Colostrum from mommy's breast but he has different character from koko Richie.
He likes to sleep a lot and will ignore mommy's offer to breastfeed him that's why the production of breastmilk is not as much as last time.

Learn from the past, mommy was not so idealist with total breastfeeding this time round. Mommy was more concern with jaundice level if Tromson didn't receive enough milk. That's why in the last 2 days at hospital when the jaundice started to appear in his face, mommy realized that mommy's breastmilk was not enough, mommy asked the nurse to top up with formula by cup feeding and mommy chose Nan Pro 1

Thanks God, Tromson only has low level of jaundice as this few days the weather are not so good.
It's almost raining every morning that's why mommy never sunbathes him.

Back at home, mommy's milk is still not enough therefore mommy still needs to top up with formula after breastfeeding.
He can finish breastmilk from 2 breasts in one go and need to be fed another 60 - 75cc of formula.
And his jaundice has disappeared too.

Hopefully mommy's milk catches up with his need soon.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Brotherhood of Richmond and Tromson starts

Mommy ordered these pillows with the names on it, one is for koko Richie and another one is for baby Tromson.

Here's some pictures of mommy and daddy's precious ones

Happy 1 week old

Mommy brought Tromson for regular check up especially to check the jaundice level.
Thanks God he doesn't need further test, and his weight increased to 3.58kg up around 300g from the day he was discharged 4 days ago

before going for check up

Ritual Morning Activity

Since we usually skip the sunbath, mommy bathes Tromson around 9 - 10am after mommy's catching up some sleep

Currently, Tromson doesn't really like bath time, and he also doesn't like to be naked. Hopefully soon he can enjoy the bath time.

He's clean freaked, that's why we already spent 3 newborn diapers because we change it so often whenever he doesn't feel comfortable with his poop

before shower

bath time

After shower

feeling fresh

Some cute expressions of Tromson (5 days old)

Just few days old, Tromson spent most of time sleeping, milking, passing urine and motion.
Here's some cute expression of him in early days
Thanks God, he has very low jaundice  therefore mommy doesn't need to sunbathe him cos this few days are not sunny days

We're going home (06 August 2013)

Yeay..and ouchhh...finally we're going home after spending 4 days 4 nights at hospital.
Sleepless nite and sleeping deprive are already welcoming us hehe...

proud parents

mommy again

with nursery nurse

First encounter with Koko Richie

Koko Richie visited baby Tromson on August 3rd evening.
Koko was very excited to see Tromson for the first time, he prepared the gift for baby Tromson and they exchanged the gift

Richmond and Tromson

exchange gift

kiss baby Tromson

Daddy's BIG 30 Birthday (5 Aug 2013)

On August 5th, daddy celebrated BIG 30 Birthday, of course it's very special because daddy received special gift from above which is Tromson.
We celebrated daddy's birthday at hospital with Opa Chwan, Oma Happy, Opa Jerry, Oma Ani, Iik Intan and mommy and koko Richie.

Now we are officially family of 4 hehe...

first family of 4 picture

blow the candle

cutting the cake

officially mommy of 2

very blessed with our parents and sister come to visit us

The origin of Tromson Riccardo name

Many people are wondering what a unique name and what's the meaning behind it and the origin of the name.
Here's the story....

Tromson is abbreviated from Tromso, the capital city of Northern Norway, the gate to Arctic and Radisson hotel where Tromson was made
This name is suggested by daddy though
Mommy and daddy had so much unforgettable memory there especially watching the rare nature phenomenon Aurora Borealis therefore the name Tromson is very special and precious.

There's a myth that baby who's conceived under the Northern Lights will be blessed with the good fortunes.
Here's the link

Riccardo is the middle as well as babtism name.
It's derived from Saint Riccardo Pampuri, the doctor from Italy who's born on August 2nd. A day different with Tromson. Here's the complete biography of St Riccardo
Mommy loves the name of Riccardo, another meaning is strong and brave

Tromso City

Radisson Blu Hotel

Baby who's conceived under Northern Lights will be blessed with good fortunes

Tromso city during winter time

Tromso city during summer time

Friday, 9 August 2013

The visitors of Tromson

Tromson was so lucky, he was accompanied by Minions and visited by mommy and daddy's friends
Thanks for coming guys, he really appreciates it

with Uncle Budi, Koko Aidan, Aunty Tita, Aunty Vinny, Koko Matthew, Uncle andy

with Uncle Alex, uncle Ardian, Aunty Merry

with Uncle Felix and Aunty Risha

with Aunty Santy, koko Dominic and uncle Adi

with Opa Jerry, Oma Ani, Oma Happy, Opa Chwan, Iik Intan

with Aunty Manda

with Aunty Dessi, Uncle Dida and koko Derron

with Aunty Stacey, cece Callista and Oma

Full force of minions

with Opa Bambang, Oma Tine and Oma Ani