Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014 e-card

Xmas day and Xmas party 25 December 2013

Merry Xmas !

In the morning, Tromson received xmas presents from "Santa" and he's so happy but he's more happier looked at his big brother's toys hehe.

Then we went ahead to mommy and daddy's friend's house for xmas party with CG Elza. We had so much fun there and Tromson enjoyed it too till fall a sleep haha

In the evening, we had xmas dinner together at Ambush our favorite restaurant

Having fun with koko Richie in December 2013

These are videos how Tromson is having fun with koko Richie. Both of them laugh together and it really fills our days with joy

Monday, 23 December 2013

Minion family at home xmas time

Meet and Greet with minion at suntec (19 December 2013)

First trip to Universal Studio (17 Dec 2013)

Mommy bought the tickets from our neighbour which is S$37 per adult ticket, it's like one for one, and as for Richie, it's free hehe
We arrived around 10am and went straight to lost world, koko and papa were taking the ride while tromson was sleeping in stroller.
The weather was perfect and there was almost no queue so koko and papa could take ride as much as they can.
We stayed there till 730pm
This attraction was very worth to buy and visit hehe

First trip to River Safari (16 Dec 2013)

Since koko Richie and papa were off school and work, we decided to visit those place of interest we haven't visited before. So, we visited river safari which just opened this year.
Well, koko Richie didn't enjoy much cos most of the animals are fishes, but he enjoyed eating panda pau hehe...as for Tromson, he spent most of the time sleeping in the stroller

Merry Christmas e-card from Davinchison 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Regular check up 4 mos 4 days

Today, Tromson's having regular check up and jab
Eventhough he has cough but the doctor still go ahead with scheduled vaccination. His cough is caused by mild viral and it will be gone by itself after few days.

His weight : 8.85kg
Length : 65cm
Head circumference : 43cm

His measurement is still above average though, other skills like fine and gross motoric have been doing pretty well

Good Job Tromson !

Giggling in the car (4 mos 3 days)

This video was taken by papa who watched over 2 kiddos in the car while waiting for koko Richie woke up.
Tromson was giggling and laughing at koko Richie in the car..
so cute

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Survival Week without papa ( 1 - 6 December 2013)

On Sunday evening, papa flew off to Korea for business trip so there we were.
Mommy was a singlefighter handling 2 boys. Fortunately, koko Richie has been doing great job as a little helper.
He can mind Tromson while mommy doing something and he's so independent to take care himself.

The challenge is at night. The first night was not so smooth.
This is the first time koko Richie slept together with mommy and Tromson in master bed room.
Koko was so annoyed and woke up every time Tromson cried or moved asking for milk.
And Tromson didn't want to sleep on his own bed too..End up three of us slept at big bed.

Second night was better. All of us can sleep well in the big bed

It's really tough week without papa handling two boys alone.
and Thanks God it's over now hahha...

laugh and love brotherhood

Koko Richie was very protective with Tromson, sometimes over protective haha...but it's good
He loves him so much and when he accidentaly hurt Tromson, he feels very bad
Love them both to the max !

Happy 4 months old



Our first family xmas picture with Santa and snow globe

Xmas deco at Changi

the theme is replication of santa's village at Rovaniemi but they change to spongebob santa

Xmas deco @MBS


Monday, 2 December 2013

Xmas Deco At Orchard (Takashimaya and Paragon)

Last Saturday, we hunted another xmas decoration at Taka and Paragon.
There are so many xmas tree from jewellery, macaroon, chocolate and it's all beautiful
Here's some pics we took