Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Playset at West Coast Park (March School Holiday 2018)

Today we had indoor activities again.
Koko Richie joined Archery shoot out and Treasure hunts Games. Mama wanted to enroll Tromson too but he seems reluctant, therefore mama brought Tromson and Ted to nearby playground

Wednesday Playdate ( March School Holiday 2018)

On Wednesday we had indoor playdate with mommy's kids friends at Pips Playbox at Esplanade.
They had art and craft corner and some cupboards to play around and also train and tracks with some wooden blocks.
This place is suitable for age 5 and below and those who love art and craft.
For Tromson, he only liked to play the trains and wooden blocks for a while before joining his big brother, Richie for Hide and Seek Games.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Kite Making Session (March School Holiday 2018)

On Tuesday, we had kite making session at West Coast Park.
The event was part of HPB Family Active and it's free for kids and parents.
It's supposed for kids aged 6 years and above but since they had extra materials, Tromson was able to join on the spot.

He had fun decorating the kites and tried to fly the kites.
Then we had lunch at McDonalds

Visiting Live turtle and tortoise Museum ( March School Holiday 2018)

This year mid-term school holiday we didn't go anywhere and we had our own theme " School is Out and Fun is In"
We had a series of outdoor activities during this mid-term break.

On Monday, we visited Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum at Chinese Garden.

They had a lot of different species of turtles and tortoises. Some were kept in the tanks and some were roaming around.

Tromson had a great time there watching turtles closer how they move, eat and swim.
They have some unique species like dragon head, pig nose and snake neck turtles

Unfortunately, their fate is uncertain by end of this month. Hopefully they found new home soon.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

School Artwork K1 Term 1

Since this month has two special event, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.
Tromson made something in the school

Monday, 19 February 2018

Welcoming Year of Dog 2018

The past few years we ushered Chinese New Year at Singapore, this year we went back to Jakarta
We flew back on Wednesday, Feb 14 and our grandparents picked us up.
On Thursday morning we went to Kidzania, unfortunately Tromson wasn't interested at all playing there, in the end he liked the most was pepperoni pizza at Kidzania.

In the evening, we had reunion dinner at Grand Central Restaurant with our big family. After that we headed to oma co's house and distributed red packets there.

On the first day of chinese new year, we had lunch at oma tine's house and in the evening we went to visit Lotte Mall and had japanese food for dinner.

On the second day of chinese new year, we had lunch with mom's brother - uncle adit, aunt linda and their kids - Isaac and Jose then we played together at Fun World

On the third day of chinese new year, we had lunch with papa's friends at Central Restaurant but Tromson was sleeping during the meal.

Tromson was very picky, and we had hard time to find his favourite food which is salmon teriyaki, pizza and fish ball.

Nevertheless we had great time there and it was a nice feeling and beautiful memory meeting with our family, friends and relatives during festive season.

Happy Chinese New Year !

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Year of Dog Preparation

As we are ushering Year of Dog, Tromson has been practising Chinese New Year Song for School Party. Unfortunately, we will be going back to Jakarta for Chinese New Year.
Nonetheless, here's his singing